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Can You Paint a Vinyl Garage Door? Choosing the Right Paint

Can You Paint a Vinyl Garage Door?

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Can you paint a vinyl garage door, absolutely.

Are Vinyl Garage Doors Paintable?

If your garage door isn’t looking as great as it used to, a fresh coat of paint can easily give it new life. And if you have a vinyl garage door, you’ll be happy to know that it’s perfectly all right to paint it.

Although painting is an easy way to give your garage door new life, you’ll want to be sure you match the paint to your equipment, since choosing the wrong type of paint can actually damage the material of your door.

You also need to be very careful if your garage door was built before 1978, since there may be lead in your door’s existing paint. If this is the case, we highly recommend trusting the paint job to a professional to avoid lead poisoning. Our high speed doors are made of vinyl and therefore can be highly customizable with the right paint.

In the below guide, we outline everything you need to know to make the project a success.

How to Paint a Vinyl Garage Door

Use the following steps to make painting a success.

1. Find the Right Paint

To determine what kind of paint you need, you’ll need to know what type of paint was applied to the door previously. The two most commonly-used door paints are exterior latex paint and oil-based paint. We recommend going with whatever type of paint is already on your door.

2. Protect

Before you start painting, it’s important to protect the surrounding areas, since the project will likely get a bit messy. Use painter’s tape on any parts of the door you don’t want to get painted, and lay down drop cloths on floors and nearby landscaping.

3. Clean

Clean your garage door with a degreaser or a painting prep product. This will remove any dirt and help the paint stick to the surface of your door.

4. Sand

Once the door is dry, lightly sand the door to remove any paint chips and create a smooth surface for painting. We recommend using light grit sandpaper.

5. Prime & Paint

Once everything is smooth, you can begin painting. Give yourself plenty of time to paint, since the process will likely take you a couple of days. Make sure to apply at least 3 coats and wait at least 4 hours for each coat of paint to dry. You can do separate coats of primer and paint, but to make things easier, we recommend using a primer and paint combination product.

Ask the Garage Door Experts

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We provide everything from new door installation to repair and regular maintenance service. We’ve proudly served the Athens area for nearly two decades. We’re the best choice for garage door repair in Athens, GA!

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