We understand that your home or business needs to be accessible to you or your employees, but secure from intruders. That’s why Select Door Service offers only the highest quality openers for our garage door systems. We’ll help you select the openers that is the right fit for you.

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Select Door Service carries Liftmaster products for homeowners, businesses in commercial and industrial sectors. Liftmaster is the perfect solution for builders, architects, community managers. With access control systems for gated communities, gate openers, garage door openers, Liftmaster products are perfect for securing not only your home and business, they have the necessary tools to secure your community. Contact Select Door Service today if you have any questions about Liftmaster, and how their products can better secure your home or business.

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Heavy-Duty Trolley Operators have an automatic saftey built in with protector systems.  These automatic door operators have a non-impact infrared system in place to keep pedestrians safe.  With “smart” technology, these our systems include everything from one-touch operation, to smartphone and smartwatch enabled technology.  Ask about Alexa smarthome integration.  

With doors speed s ranging between 8 to 9 inches per second and auto-lights, these heavy duty trolley operator solutions are perfect for commercial businesses that require auto opening and closing doors. 

Contact Select Door Service today to learn more about the different brands offered.

hoist operator, is also known as a derrick operator.  This type of equipment controls the movement of platforms that transport people and equipment around work sites.  This equipment is capiable of moving workers from one level to another, as well as equipment and supplies.  Based on the type of equipment and software, these hoist operators may update a database that keeps a record of of what was moved.

Jackshaft Operators are often installed on both vertical lift or high lift dors.  Sometimes, they are used on standard lift or sectional doors.  Jackshaft operators are designed for use on any door sprockets, a shaft, and chain as the main parts.Because of their flexability, these operators are often installed onto rolling doors and grilles, and can be installed on walls, the hood, or other parts of the doorway.  

Commercial sliding operators allow businesses to automate door openings.  You’ll often find these types of operators in groceriy stores or retail shops.  They allow a large amount of traffic to move in and out of a store without the necessity to manually open and close a door.  They keep your customers safe from germs by preventing the necessity to touch door handles, and also are perfect as a fire safety feature by allowing a wider opening for patrons to enter or exit. 

Wi-fi enabled openers are the technology of today.  Streamline your home or business with these automatic doorway elements.   Often used with Amazon smart homes or businesses, smartphones, smart watches, and other types of bluetooth devices, these options are perfect for people looking to streamline the entrance operations and prevent unauthorized entry via the use of emerging technology.  Often times, these openers are backed with battery units in case there is a power outage , along with the ability to have a manual entryway in case of emergency.

Residential Supplies

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Battery Backup Systems are vital when you rentrance and lock systems are based on power.  Use manual key entries, and have your system on a battery backup. 

For people looking for a simple solution without all of the added technology, these garage door openers have been around for ages.  Utilizing a chain system, they are capable of lifting a rolling door and keeping the door lifted, without having to worry about the door closing on a person since they require the doorway to be opened manually.  

Belt-drive garage door openers are similiar to chain-drive openers, however a belt-drive has a smoother & quite r opening.  They are more expensive than chain-openers, however they are not as expensive as smarthome enabled technology.  If you’re looking for a simple garage dor opener that isn’t ancient technology, belt-drive is the way to go. 

Residential jackshaft garage door opener, like the LiftMaster 8500 Elite Series, have a space-saving design and often mount on the wall next to the garage door. This allows more ceiling space to be utlized, and is a favorite of homeowners across the nation.

Looking for a way to open your garage door without having to get out of the car and open the door manually?  Ask about our automated openers with wireless keypads and garage door. remote openers.  Sometimes, these keypads can be smarthome enabled, however often times, they are simply radio controlled to be used between device and doorway.

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