Automatic commercial doors

Automatic commercial doors welcome visitors, guide traffic, help preserve
indoor climate and offer touchless entry to prioritize a safer, more hygienic environment. We offer a range of automatic access systems, allowing you to customize any entrance within your facility so it best meets the needs of
your staff, customers, or patients.

Our convenient, contactless entry solutions provide you with peace of mind from installation to operation. Plus, automatic door entrances are designed to help you meet accessibility standards in any building. We provide commercial clients with a wide variety of automatic pedestrian door systems. No matter your industry, where the door is located, or what type of facility you have, we can find the best solution for you.

Automatic Commercial Doors – AADM Certified

Automatic doors eliminate “Touch Points”

Installing touchless devices massively reduces the spread of germs. This solution is perfect for businesses that prioritize hygiene and now is of the utmost importance, creating a cleaner, more sterile, and safer environment. Nearly 80% of sickness-causing germs are spread with our hands. We can install automatic doors and help safeguard your facility from germs and their spread.

Automatic Doors also provide sanitary workflow maintenance, trained traffic, they are easy to see and can provide touchless zones.

Automatic Doors are ideal solutions for

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Retrofit transmitters eliminate the need for additional power wires, making retrofitting easy. They also provide touchless surfaces to reduce the number of surfaces that could harbor germs and increase the spread of viruses and bacteria.
Touchless devices reduce the number of surfaces that could harbor germs and increase the spread of viruses and bacteria.
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Touchless devices create a more accessible environment and are perfect in high traffic areas for those who may not be able to open the door by

Sliding Doors
Sleek and adaptable, commercial automatic sliding door systems create a welcoming and functional entryway to any business.
Swing Door Systems
Exterior and interior swinging doors provide flexibility, efficiency, and automated convenience for every entrance.
ICU Doors
In critical hospital environments safe, efficient patient care requires a versatile option of ICU doors.
Folding Doors
When space is limited, you can look to commercial automatic folding doors for maximum door opening.